Hello, and Welcome to Milky Travel!

My name is Aleksandra, and I am a 24-years old Russian-Lithuanian-Ukranian girl, wandering around the world.
Ever since I went to study abroad with Erasmus program, I no more want to stay in one country. My feet are itchy to travel and explore. I have been living in Russia, Lithuania, Greece, Italy and currently spending my 10th month in Spain.

What can I say?

Traveling is not always perfect. It’s not about glamour, luxury or amazing shots we usually see on Instagram. Let’s be realistic, traveling can be hard, tiring, frustrating, but always real. Always showing who you really are. That’s what I love about it.
I prefer being a traveler to being a tourist, staying longer, than passing by. I love to be a part of the community and focus not on the “achievements,” but real feelings. Traveling just makes me happy.

Want to get in touch with me?
Shoot a mail at milkytravel [at]