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Venice. Full guide: from St. Mark’s to 3 Islands

Every year, thousands of people are said to fall in love with Venice. I did wonder what’s so special about this city, and why there is so much excitement surrounding it – until I’ve visited it on my own. As a side note: I have lived and traveled in Italy for quite some time. Everyone who knows me well is aware I’m genuinely in love with this country. I visited the most amazing and inspiring places in Italy and had a feeling I’ve seen everything worth seeing: Rome, Cinque Terre, Florence, Amalfi coast, and many others left a huge impression on me. However, I have never seen something like Venice – a city riddled with history. Every story has a start. In Venice everything starts with St. Mark’s.

Venice bridge

Introduction to Venice

Venice canals

Venice is an exceptional place, hardly comparable with any other. Even when getting off the plane, I already knew this experience would be different from the ones I had before. To say that Venice is impressive is to say nothing.
As the plane landed late, I had a chance to see Venice by night. I was charmed by the romantic views of the city. Half-empty, inviting streets, endless canals, charming little houses and millions of beautiful bridges. Full of excitement and happiness, I have eventually reached my destination after a very thorough walk. I was tired, hungry and thrilled. I went to sleep feeling that the next day will be fantastic.

Venice streets

Next morning I woke up excited and ready to explore every corner of the city. My advice for the city visitors is to forget about the maps. You don’t need it here. Simply stroll around. Enjoy an ambiance of the town before setting your foot inside any museum. Venice is the best place to get lost and roam exploring narrow streets, bridges, and canals, visiting tiny local shops and cozy restaurants.

Venice views


Every bridge, every house, every stone is a masterpiece. I couldn’t stop taking short breaks now and then to admire the views and picture everything. There is something magnificent to shoot at every turn!

Exploring St. Mark’s Square

If you take a long walk from the city center, eventually you might end up at St. Mark’s Square. It is by far the most popular spot in Venice. There is a simple explanation for that: all main attractions are situated in or around the plaza.

St. Mark's square

For example – the most beautiful church of Venice, St. Mark’s Basilica, is located on the Square’s eastern side. The church is known for being a sophisticated example of Italo-Byzantine architecture, and you will need some time to appreciate all the architectural elements and marvel at the altar.

If you pay a few euros, you can also visit the treasury, Golden Pall, and the museum. However, the best part awaits at the end of the walking tour. You can sit and relax on the rooftop terrace. The atmosphere and views to Venice are priceless! If you come on time, you can see the “moors” (bronze figures) striking the hours at the top of the St. Mark’s Clocktower. To avoid long queues, come early in the morning or make a booking online.

St. Mark’s Square, Venice

Another landmark at Piazza de St Marco is the Belltower, called campanile by the locals. If you are brave enough to climb to the top, you will be rewarded with bird eye views of Venice canals.
Lining the famous square are some cozy restaurants with live music. Romantic!

Venice garden restaurant

Visiting Doge’s Palace

Right next to St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s palace is one of the most interesting historical attractions of Venice. I was unsure if I should visit it, but am very glad I did. This unique building with fascinating history served three primary purposes: as the chief magistrate residence, the seat of government, and the palace of justice. Sumptuous facade and golden staircases, beautiful sculptures and rich decorations give a glimpse of the power of Venetian authorities of that time. Not to mention the astonishing and the most massive canvas picture in the world on the ceiling, which is a piece of Art itself.

Doge's palace Venice

Crossing Bridge of Sighs

When inside, you get to cross the famous bridge of sighs, which connects palace with the old prison, and feel a high contrast between two. The bridge was a place where the unfortunate souls saw Venice for the last time before their imprisonment. I wondered the cells in total silence, looking at small drawings and notes left by prisoners. Most of them were minor criminals.
Don’t repeat my mistake and make sure to reserve enough time to visit the palace. There is so much to see. After 1,5 hours spent there, I felt I only scratched the surface.

Cruising and islands tour

In short walking distance from the palace and the bridge, you can find a water transport center. Choose a route and enjoy cruising across the waters of Grand Canal. Everyone knows that Venice is praised for its unique gondolas. However, those are quite a bit pricey. Gondola ride will cost you at least 80-100 euro for 30 minutes. A more economical option is to use public water transport. It operates like a traditional bus, but on the water. Isn’t it cool?

You can use water taxi service or take a tour to 3 famous islands – Burano, Murano, and Torcello – as I did. This trip is by far the best use for 25 euro in Venice, so consider choosing this option. I am sure you won’t regret.

Burano Venice

The only sad part is the duration of the visit: it is a bit too short, and on occasion, you might need to rush to be back if you lose track of time. However, generally, time given is enough to get a good flavor of the area.
I was walking the streets in the state of pure bliss. Venice, how beautiful you are!

Venice canals

Taste of Venice

There was one thing I needed to do before leaving. For me, it became a tradition to eat loads of ice cream at every place I visit. Venice was no exception. I headed to the nearest ice-cream shop. Without knowing I have discovered a new type of local ice cream called semifreddo. When ordering a portion with tiramisu flavor, I had no idea I would end up with a frozen cake in my cone. Fluffy, smooth and creamy COLD tiramisu. It was unusual! Give it a try, and perhaps it can become your favorite one.
When writing this post, I feel happy and nostalgic. Venice is the city which will sweep you off your feet and leave you speechless if you come with an open heart. Beautiful architecture, narrow passageways, waterfront palaces, Legendary Grand canal, I will miss you! And I promise to be back!






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  1. Lorelle Avatar

    Venice is such a magical city, definitely one that you should visit at least once in a lifetime. Loved your mesmerising pics. 😉

  2. Melanie Avatar

    This whole trip looks beautiful! I would love to visit Venice and especially explore Doge’s Palace! Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Michelle C Avatar

    It’s been a while since I visited Venice. Glad to see you included the water taxis to the islands – I would definitely do that again!

  4. Lena from fouronaworldtrip Avatar

    reading your post I really regret that we had only a few hours in Venice.. it’s such a beautiful city and there is so much to see!

  5. Marvi Avatar

    Sounds like you had such a wonderful time in Venice! It’s high on my bucketlist too and would love to see the architecture and of course maybe take the gondola ride too!

  6. Ania Travels Avatar

    Venice is such a unique place. I’ve been there a couple times (still not my favorite place ever) but it really is extremely beautiful.

  7. Cassandra @ Uncommonly Well Avatar

    I’ve visited several cities in Italy, but Venice is still on my bucket list! Would especially love to visit the Doge’s palace – thanks for sharing!

  8. Chittra M Avatar

    I have not been to Venice but I have fallen in love with it a long long time ago.. Some day I hope to go there 🙂

  9. umiko Avatar

    I haven’t been to Venice but I think I will be like you: stop for a short break here and there to admire the views and taking pictures. 🙂

  10. Hang Around The World Avatar

    We are Italian and we have visited Venice different times but every time is like the first one!! Venice has everything a tourist looks for and it is one of the most visited cities in Italy. Glad you liked it 🙂

  11. Jennifer Avatar

    Venice was one of those places I assumed was overrated until I visited. It truly is a magical place that is perfect for just wandering around. We loved getting lost and finding new things.

  12. Dee Avatar

    Hi! Really good read and ideas for Venice! I liked the 2 small islands of Burano and Murano. Lots of character and freat for pictures!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Vanessa Avatar

    Venice is such an amazing city. I loved visiting Doge’s Palace. I will have to check out the 3 islands next time I go!

  14. Brooke Avatar

    Looks incredible! I can’t wait to go!

  15. Michelle C Avatar

    Venice has happy nostalgia for me as well, as I spent a Christmas there while studying abroad. Such a unique and beautiful place!

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    I love Venice. You’ve captured the city so well. Now I want to go back!

  17. silvana mossotto Avatar

    Wow! Great post..:) being Italian and having seen Venice several times in different periods, I was doubtful about reading this post. I expected the usual stereotypes about the town. But I was wrong! Alexandra is a very good observer and really deeply grasped the spirit of Venice. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aleksandra Avatar

      thank you so much! i really appreciate your kind words

  18. marie Avatar

    Venice is one of my favourite cities. Water Taxi everywhere, they are amazing!

  19. Michael Avatar

    I was in Venice just last weekend and it’s just an incredible place for me. Was cool to read about your experiences.

  20. Lorelle Avatar

    Venice is such a magical city. Definitely a city one must see when in Italy. I love getting lost in the narrow streets. 🙂

  21. Brian - EatWorkTravel Avatar

    Just love the uniqueness of Venice with the canals! We totally missed the semifreddo although we ate loads of gelato while there.

  22. Christina Avatar

    We traveled through Italy for 2 months and saw much of what you did and we too love that country. Venice was a great place to us as well seeing as we visited it 2x on our trip. We loved all of the bridges and enjoyed wondering around as well. Mutant was very nice to explore as well.

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    this is getting bookmarked. Italy is in my list of places to see in 2018.

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    I have heard mixed reviews about Venice so it’s nice to hear a positive review. Hopefully I get to taste this city and see some of the islands if I get here. Also would love to check out the bridge of sighs!

  25. Sherrie Avatar

    I have no doubt I’ll fall in love with Venice. I’m in love with all of Italy and I still haven’t visited yet! I love the recommendation to throw away the map and just wander and explore. Sounds like the perfect way to discover the city.

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    I haven’t been to Venice but I really want to visit there. It’s so beautiful. Thanks for sharing me such a attractive destination.

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    Missing Venice after reading this post. It’s such a beautiful city and your pictures have really captured the true essence.

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    Great article and suggestions!! I also love to just wander when I go somewhere new, so I will definitely do this as well when I finally get to my Italy bucket list trip : )

  29. RJ Avatar

    I think that sampling the local ice cream is essential to truly experiencing any place in Europe! I can’t wait until I can visit Venice!

  30. Followingtherivera Avatar

    I’m in Venice at the moment! It’s beautiful here, and you’re right about all the sights in your post. Tiramisu semifreddo sounds delicious.

  31. Renata Green Avatar

    You’re post could have been written by myself: Huge Italy-fan, visited the places you are mentioning at the beginning of your post and love them all. However, Venice to me is special insofar that I’m going back at least every other year for the Biennale so by now I also know the a little more hidden corners.
    Sadly I have to correct you, since there are not thousands of people falling in love with Venice every year: as I wrote in my post on Venice in September, Venice has 60,000 inhabitants, but every year ten millions of visitors plus an additional 14 millions day trippers. I hope this will not kill the city in the end.

  32. Iulia Avatar

    I agree with everything you said in this post 🙂 🙂 Venice is just a wonderful city. I would love to return to it one day. When I traveled to Venice, I pretty much did the same as you, just walked around the beautiful streets, enchanted by everything I saw. I especially enjoyed the bridges. They were so picturesque, like something out of a movie set, especially with the gondoliers passing below them. Keep it up and safe travels!

  33. Nafisa Habib Avatar

    I believe the most interesting part of Venice is the endless canals. I wish to visit one day either enjoy a boating or cruising across the waters of Grand Canal. 🙂

  34. wiola Avatar

    Venice is a really romantic and beautiful city. You are so right, carrying a map is so helpful as you can easily get lost in these streets. I have close friends living just 1 hour drive up from Venice, so thanks to them, me and my husband had a chance to be in Venice a couple of times. We love it, but what is sad – would be the smell, and huge crowds in summer. It’s worth waking up very early if you wish to be on St Mark’s Square alone… or not with too many people. We still haven’t done the water taxi though! Tiramisu and ice-cream – these are a must in Venice!

  35. Vesna Avatar

    I have visited Venice as a student, somewhere 13 years ago, my God time flies. I have to go again now after reading your post. Very informative.

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    I have often been to Venice and I enjoy it every single time. 🙂 It is my second favourite Italian city after all. I could walk and be in awe at every corner and never tire taking pictures of every single window, bridge, cobblestone in it. Great feature!

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      nice! what is the first one? 🙂

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    As an ice cream lover, loved the additions of that in your story! Thanks for the tips on visiting the Bridge of Sighs too! #gltlove 🙂

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    Venice is one of my dream destinations. I wish to visit one day, follow your awesome guide and helpful tips. <3

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    You write so beautifully about Venice! It’s a place I’d love to visit at some point, having visited a lot of cities in Tuscany as well as some of the more southern places like Rome and Naples. I love your description of cake in a cone as well – I’ll take two please!

  41. Hamza MOURTADI Avatar
    Hamza MOURTADI

    Been twice to Italy but never Been to Venezia , Will definetly go after seing this post 🙂

  42. Michael Hodgson Avatar

    Great post about a magical place, Venice. Spot on with your suggestion to visit St. Mark’s Square early. We found the most magical time to wander the streets of Venice, and St. Mark’s was early (and we do mean early, like before 7 AM) when the city is still quiet and the only one’s about are locals. Special experience.

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